Traveling with Toddlers?: 15 Expert Tips From mother’s travel Experience

Are you planning to travel with your lap toddler? A Bit nervous about how to handle any situations in a plane? Even looking for some attractive stuff that can help and amazing tips while traveling with kids.

No worries… nothing to think too much and follow this complete guide for travel with children.

Bringing along an adorable toddler for a plane ride is definitely an experience to remember! If you’re taking your little one along for the trip, here are a few tips that will make this a smooth, pleasant ride. Also discussed travelling with a toddler on a plane checklist.

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Basic Essential Tips

  • Come prepared (Prepare your mind when traveling with kids)

Bring along things for your toddler to keep busy with. If you’re taking a daytime flight, and don’t expect your child to indulge in aeroplane food, bring something else for him to eat. You may want to take along a disposable changing pad or two so that you won’t need to lay your child directly on the well-used changing table (or on the floor if there isn’t one).

Other items you may want to take along include motion sickness bands, a blanket, and compact games your child enjoys.

What Dr. Eboni Hollier Has to say

A pediatrician and am board-certified in both Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics as well as General Pediatrics from Houston, Texas.

Always give yourself plenty of time to check bags, get through security and to the gate, etc. I think it’s important to plan ahead and have things that you are likely to need. I recommend always, always, always having a few things that include:

  1. Snacks. Having some of your little one’s favourite treats will go a long way. Things that are easily portable such as blueberries, crackers, apple slices, fruit/veggie pouches etc. are great.

To help you Here is a complete checklist for snacks needed for kids. Select from here best for your kids.

2. Prepare for takeoff and landing with water, food, pacifier, etc to get your little one to swallow and help with uncomfortable ear pressure.

3. Have an extra change of clothes for your little one and at least an extra top for yourself-spills can happen at any time! Also, have plenty of extra diapers and baby wipes or underpants if your child is toilet trained.

4. Have some toys and activities to keep your little one engaged

Board books that have flaps and lots of pictures are great. Crayons and paper are good go-tos. I also think things that can help keep their little hands and minds occupied are great. Some of the best kids toys collection are:

  1. Buckle Toys – Bucky Turtle
  2. Busy Activity Board for Toddlers
  3. Skoolzy Peg Board Toddler Stacking Toys

5. Mommy emergency kit including carry-on sized Children’s Ibuprofen or Tylenol, Benadryl, etc. Also, it can be helpful to have facial tissues, adhesive bandages and antibiotic ointment.

6. Have your child’s favourite blanket or lovey may help your little one be more comfortable during travel.

What are the major challenges any mother should keep in mind?

Keep in mind that a toddler’s mood and behaviour can change at any time. This is to be expected. As you know, these little guys and gals can be blissfully happy one moment and wailing in despair the next! Give yourself a little Mommy or Daddy time-out, stay calm, and be empathetic. A simple, I know you must be tired. What can momma do to help? truly can go a long way!

Encouraging thoughts by Liz founder of SleepingLucid

Being an entrepreneur gives me more chances to travel and enjoy the world, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t face any problems when traveling.

As a mother, one of the things I struggle with is keeping my baby quiet and relaxed. What I do to keep my babies occupied is that I always make sure to bring non-electronic toys like stuffed animals and books.

This is a great way to lessen the risks of UV rays from harming my baby and keeps my baby grumpy-free

Nice Picks by Kate

Get TSA Precheck and Global Entry

Get TSA Precheck and Global Entry, which will save you so much time with security and immigration lines in major airports. You won’t have to take off shoes and jackets, you won’t have to remove laptops, and your baby food and juice won’t be scrutinized as much, making for a much quicker and less stressful experience in the security line.

Keep Money Card

Make sure you bring your card with the account number to the airport and make sure that your boarding pass says TSA Precheck, otherwise you’ll still have to go through the main security line!

Schedule your flights during your child’s nap

Schedule your flights during your child’s nap time or overnight. The hum of the aeroplane will definitely put your toddler to sleep if the flight is during a time of day when they are normally sleeping. Sleeping toddler peaceful flight.

Videos for Kids or Toddler

Download some videos to keep your toddler entertained. Even if you’re a screen-free family, a couple of hours of screen time won’t ruin your child’s development and might just save the day if there are flight delays or if your child is not handling travel well.

Amanda advice on travel with toddler from HotMamaTravel

I have found in my years of traveling with toddlers that the more you prepare them for an upcoming trip the better they will behave.

Meltdowns tend to happen when kids are kicked off of their routine and feel out of control. So I avoid this by prepping the kids weeks in advance. Even if they seem too young to understand, the repetitive conversation will absorb in their minds.

Go over and over and over the itinerary and total experience of being on a plane, like what is like to get through the airport, how they will board the plane, the kind of announcements that will be made on the plane and what kind of behavior is expected on the plane.

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I made a little song that I sing with my kids weeks before we get on a plane, it goes like this: “No screaming, no crying, no running away, no kicking the seat or you don’t get a treat.” It is totally silly, but it works.
Finally, just be prepared and keep them comfortable. A comfortable toddler is a happy toddler and we all want happy toddlers when flying. Dress them comfortably and pack an extra outfit incase of accidents (for mama too, because who does the accident usually happen on? Right?).

Pack a variety of snacks, sweet and salty and everything in-between. Bring entertainment, like electronic devices, coloring supplies, toys, window stickies. I like to pack a new toy for the plane, because new is exciting at least for a little while. Also, bring a pillow and blanket, something that will make them extra cozy if (fingers crossed) they actually want to sleep. Yay!

Abby’s Advice and Tips for flying with Toddler

The first thing I would recommend to any mom who wants to make their travel plans as smooth as possible with their toddler is to KNOW YOUR CHILD. Are they on a schedule?

If so, try to consider this when you are making your travel plans. I chose my departure time based on when my son Maverick would likely be getting sleepy and ready for a nap.

Do they have a favorite toy or activity that you can bring along? In my experience, naps aren’t quite as long on the plane so it is almost inevitable that they will wake up even if you plan it out perfectly.

Being prepared to entertain them for a big portion of the flight will really make life easier if it comes down to that. Bringing one of their favorite toys will help but also throw in a few smaller ones if they get bored and need something new!

Lastly, if they get fussy and nothing is occupying them, try not to worry. I’ve found that most people around are more interested in offering to help than they are annoyed and frustrated. People understand that it is tough to keep your little ones entertained on flights while they are stuck in such a small space so try not to let it get to you.


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