20 Tips for Solo travelers from Die Hard Lone Travelers

solo travel tips for alone travelers

Not to worry about strangers

Don’t worry about strangers trying to hurt you, steal from you, etc when you are traveling solo. The media ingrains this into our heads, that everything out there is to be feared. It’s simply not true. Do you feel unsafe going to your local grocery store? No, you don’t. Keep in mind about the Tips for solo travelers.

Being familiar with an area makes it seem ‘comfortable’. Just because you are not familiar with an area doesn’t mean it’s much different than your local grocery store or home area.

Just use common sense and if an area doesn’t feel good to you, don’t enter that area. It’s really that simple! Don’t forget to read tips for solo travelers at the end paragraph of this article.

Otherwise, know that most people in the world are just like you. They are just trying to get along and trying to be good people. The truth is, whether you are at home or traveling alone, if you get into some kind of trouble, total strangers will come to your aid.

Honestly, most people are good at heart, just like you. By Kelly Beasley of CampAddict.com

Make sure you’re covered

We all want to think that bad things will never happen to us. However, that isn’t always the most reliable and responsible mentality.

What happens if you are traveling solo and something unexpectedly goes wrong? Often the solution comes with a hefty price tag. The best way for solo travelers to stay safe and protect their travel plans is to invest in a travel insurance policy.

Travelers venturing outside of the U.S. on their own can receive protection against unforeseen events that may occur before or during a trip, covering financial investments and the health of the traveler.

Many people think of flight cancellations and non-refundable payments for travel arrangements, but there are actually unique benefits to travel insurance, including emergency medical evacuation, cancel for any reason, assistance finding a doctor abroad, and 24/7 customer service.

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For a small percentage of your overall trip cost, travel insurance is a great way to protect yourself and your trip. By Skylar from Dittoe PR Inc

Exude confidence

If you are traveling alone, pretend like you know exactly what you are doing even if you have no idea. If you seem lost or confused and are obviously alone, this can make you a target.

Pretend you know exactly where you are headed until you can pop in somewhere safe (hopefully with WiFi) to figure out which way you should be going.

Stay sober

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a drink or two – you are on vacation after all! – but be smart about it.
Getting drunk in an unknown place while traveling alone can spell disaster and be a huge safety concern.
Enjoy a drink in moderation, be sure you are sober enough to safely get back to your accommodations.
Drinking in moderation is also a good way to keep a modest budget. It is also not a bad idea to communicate with a loved one back home and let them know where you are going and who you will be with if you are going out for a drink or two.

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Wake up early

One of the best parts of traveling solo is that you only have one person to
convince that it is worth it to wake up early! Get your start on the day before everyone and enjoy popular tourist spots before they are crowded.

Ideally, you will also experience better weather if you are traveling somewhere hot, and perhaps you can even find a spot to catch a memorable sunrise. By Logan Allec from Money Done Right

Book your first two or three nights at a great hostel

Book your first two or three nights at a great hostel in your first location. Two nights if you’re unsure about hostel life and backpacking.

Three nights give you more time to make new friends and explore the city. What’s important is that with only three nights booked, you’re not stuck there when everyone decides to leave after only two nights. Here is a great guide on Best way to find Cheap Flights for any Trips & Vacation for any part of the world instantly.

If you really want to go with you can afford to lose the price of one night. Do research on HostelWorld to make sure you’re booking a hostel that is right for you.

That’s it, you don’t need to book any other hostels before your trip. You shouldn’t have a place booked for your second or third location. You’re going to learn about new locations and hostels from the people you meet.

There’s nothing worse than wanting to travel with an amazing group of friends you just met but not being able to because you must fulfill plans you pre-committed to that are too expensive to back out. By Derek Coleman from Amusl.com

Tip for solo travelers is to go with a tour company

They solve all the issues for you that you could possibly anticipate. I’ve traveled solo for years and several years ago decided to book an all-inclusive tour to visit Denali National Park in Alaska.

The experience was amazing, and I’ve since booked tours with different companies that took me to Kilimanjaro and the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu. For all these tours, all I had to do was book my airfare and book the tour, and from there everything was taken care of – transportation, food, lodging, guided activities/hikes, camping equipment, and even built-in travel companions by way of the other travelers on the tours with me. Pics makes your travel amazing forever, get the best Drone to get forever live pics of the trip.

Everything was included and perfectly planned out for me so that I didn’t have to plan or worry about any of the nuanced details that travelers often have to figure out on their own and can be even more stressful when you’re planning to do it solo.

By taking the stress away of having to figure out the little details, solo travelers get to spend more time enjoying the adventure, getting to know their fellow travelers, and creating life-long memories. By Nicole Rappaport from Cascadian Journeys

How to Keep Yourself Safe While Traveling Solo

Traveling alone can be a wonderful experience, as it’s an extremely freeing feeling and a great way to learn more about yourself.

However, traveling alone is not always as safe as traveling with a companion. Below are tried-and-true tips on how to stay safe when traveling alone to ensure your trip is both pleasurable and risk-free.

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Learn Basic Self-Defense

Basic self-defense is a smart practice, whether you’re traveling alone or simply commuting alone. If you do intend on traveling solo, take a basic self-defense class in advance just so you’re prepared. When traveling alone, you’ll feel more confident knowing you’re able to defend yourself if necessary.

Know the Area You’re Traveling

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a companion, domestically or foreign, it’s important to know the area you’re traveling to. Find out areas or neighborhoods that are known to be unsafe and avoid those areas. Always stick to public, well-lit areas.

Let People Know Where You Are

Always make sure someone always knows where you’re headed and when you’re expected back. Give family and friends your itinerary and keep them updated during your trip. In the rare event something happens, people will know where to begin looking for you. Pics makes your travel amazing forever, get the best Drone to get forever live pics of the trip.

Request a Specific Hotel Room

When booking your hotel room, request a room on the third to fifth floor. You’re automatically safer by not being on the ground floor due to lack of access from outside. But you also increase your safety by not going above the fifth floor in the event of a fire. Once you check into the hotel, find the exits for both the elevator and stairway.

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Use a Cross Body Purse

The best way not to have your purse stolen (or your phone, wallet and other valuable items in your purse) is by using a cross body style that cannot simply be grabbed off your arm or shoulder by someone running by you or passing by on a bike.

Wear it in front (vs. in back) so it’s next to impossible for someone to delve in without you noticing. Make sure you are able to close it via zipper or folder over flap that latches.

Act Like a Local

Dress casually and according to local custom. Fit in and not look like a tourist. Always carry a bit of cash, a guidebook, and a phrase book. Walk purposefully like you know where you’re

If you do need to ask for help, ask a woman, family, or pop into a restaurant or store. If you need to use your phone navigation while walking around, keep the volume down and don’t make it obvious or it will be as if you’re wearing a billboard that says “I’m a tourist and I don’t know where I’m going” which will make you more vulnerable.

Additional Safety Measures to Think About

Leave all valuables and passport in your hotel room safe but do carry a form of I.D. with you at
all times in a cross body bag that makes pickpocketing difficult.

Do not carry a lot of cash with you but make sure you have enough to cover food and transportation as you can’t assume that credit cards are accepted everywhere or are compatible with technology used in other countries.

Learn basic phrases in the local language that could help you in the event of an emergency.

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Don’t fall victim to the vacation rental scam

Scammers are notorious for posing as homeowners and posting fake listings to rental sites. Be aware of vacation rental scams especially in high demand destinations.

How to protect yourself from identity theft

Travel Light with Credit Cards and ID

You’ll obviously need identification and a credit card while you travel, but leave any unnecessary credit cards, bank cards and your social security card at home. Basically, leave behind anything you have in your wallet that you won’t need on your trip.

Keep all important papers, identification, and credit cards with you and not in checked bags. Less is more when it comes to identity theft. Keep a copy of your passport in your suitcase or at home (if someone is at your house that could help) in case you lose it or it is stolen. Pics makes your travel amazing forever, get the best Drone to get forever live pics of the trip.

Leave your high-end name brand purses and bags at home

Walking around with your favorite Louis Vuitton tote bag makes you vulnerable to theft of
both the bag and its contents especially if there are other ways to identify you as a tourist. Subtle (and comfortable) is best when it comes to fashion and accessories while traveling.

If you do not want to advertise that you are a tourist, do not walk around with google maps loudly blurting out directions. Understandably, you may need to use it, but try to be discreet vs. obvious and get a lay of the land before you leave your hotel room.

A good option regarding credit cards is to purchase a Visa rechargeable gift card.

When visiting a city, state, or country, every traveler is at risk of someone stealing their credit and debit card information in a number of different ways: gas station skimmer, malware from downloading certain apps, a server copying card number information after whisking it away to ring a customer up, and more.

Rather than finding out halfway through your trip that someone maxed out your credit card or emptied your checking account, purchase a rechargeable Visa gift card for any small personal expenses (such as dining out and souvenirs).

Visa gift cards act as debit cards with expiration dates, code on the back, and even PIN numbers. You can use them in person or for online purchases. These cards are available at most grocery stores and some gas stations.

Cash is another option to keep on your person to avoid constantly using credit and debit cards but carrying too much makes you a target for theft. So only keep a small amount on you (no more than $200) and opt for the gift card instead.

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Use bank ATMs only.

Avoid using private ATM machines, at times provided for convenience but which are more vulnerable to tampering by the installation of a card reader, than a unit located in a bank. Better still, stick to putting your travel purchases on your credit card.

If it is compromised, the money is not coming directly from your account, so your exposure to financial liability is more limited. Different debit cards have different rules about how much liability you will have if your card is lost and you don’t report it right away, or if it is compromised.

While most will honor zero liability policies (where you are not responsible for fraudulent transactions), the money is still at least temporarily gone from your account, which can cause financial and personal distress.

Use only one card for travel.

By using a dedicated card for travel, you will more quickly find out about breaches that occur after your travel dates because they will not be blended in with your day to day credit card transactions. Also, keep a close eye on your statements.

Even if you only use a certain card for travel, continue to check your statements or your account online regularly to make sure there aren’t latent fraudulent charges.

Thieves will often steal information but then not use it for months, long after your trip is over.

If you can, change your passwords or PINs for your credit card, after your vacation.

If your data was obtained fraudulently, it will be of more limited use to a thief without the all-important PIN codes.

WiFi Use

Criminals are notorious for hacking public WiFi networks. It’s likely that while traveling, you’ll use free Wi-Fi to access the Internet, possibly at the airport, hotel lobby, coffee shops and other public places.

If you are using free Wi-Fi, be sure to log out of all personal accounts and never make transactions or pay bills while on public Wi-Fi. A better option is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN will encrypt your browsing and Internet activity and obscure your IP.

And you may not be aware that you also have to watch out for protected networks at hotels and other venues that require a password?

Anytime you use a shared WiFi network in any public spot, it’s easy for someone to intercept your data and monitor what you’re doing. By Anza Goodbar from Beenverified

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