Unbelievable Facts About Travel Insurance Policy While Planning To Travel Around World

6 Most Important Features to Consider Before Purchasing A Travel Insurance Policy while Planning To Travel Around World

Best Features for Travel Insurance

The airlines are in the war to cut price fare, cutting ticket prices by a almost 80 per cent on summer, winter or any occasional travel, making the holiday season this year to be exciting. 
Some of you may have already fixed the dates and started planning every detail of your trip. However, do not forget to pack the essential, and travel insurance policy is the thing that is most ignored by the people.

​​​The USA and Canada are one of the most affluent nations in the world, Both the countries have amazing places, both natural and contrived, that are a visual treat. Whether a business trip, vacation, family function or an academic pursuit, you are sure to have a great time there with your beloved!!!

Weather you are in travel to US,UK, Germany, Spain or any part of the world experts think it is unwise to travel, especially abroad, without having any insurance plan.

I am going to discuss the Most Important Features to Consider Before Purchasing A Travel Insurance Policy.While vacation is the time to relax with your family or beloved,things could take a serious downturn if you have a medical emergency or lose your passport or luggage.
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These unforeseen circumstance could end up causing havoc both financially and psychologically, So Travel insurance is a simple way to protect your belongings and minimize losses during these bad time.

Here is an all-inclusive guide on buying travel insurance, Most Important Features to Consider Before Purchasing A Travel Insurance Policy and ensuring it covers all your travel plans.

How can one find the best travel insurance policy?


Its very Easy, one may say. Just go to a price-comparison website or review blogs and buy the cheapest one. But there may be catch over there. Price-comparison sites seem to be a fascinating effect. Since they are so powerful and used by many people, there is an intense competition between companies. To keep the price of their policies as low as possible and ensure that they appear close to the top results.
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Keeping in mind as per travel insurance and per traveler the policies, their premium could be vary country to country
depending on their age, value of their luggage, the type of traveling they opt for.

Because of these variations, it is not possible to recommend one policy which will be a good purchase for all travelers. Instead please find below factors to be considered when buying a policy.

1. Policy consider Multi-trip Travel

Multi-trip policies cover all trips in a calendar year. If one undertakes three or four trips a year, one would save with a multi-trip travel insurance cover. The other significant advantage of a multi-trip insurance policy is that you are covered continuously throughout the year.

2. Cover Size

The premium decide the sum insured on the basis of how expensive medical services are in that country or city you are traveling to.
So, you will need a higher cover if you are traveling to the US,UK,Canada,Germany.

3. Medical History Matters

If one has a medical history in terms of a serious disease or condition in past or if you smoke or consume alcohol on a
regular basis then the premium of your policy goes up.


A life threatening per-existing illness is mostly not covered under a regular travel insurance policy. In most cases, policy for elderly people attracts higher premium due to the age factor.

4. Destination

If your trip destination is known to be a high-risk zone or is famous for various adventure activities, the premium goes up as you in a risky area. Generally your travel policy goes up when your are traveling to country pron to war, terrorism or any unhealthy activity history associated with it.

5. Cancellation policy (Must Read)

It’s no fun, if you fall ill just before you leave and can’t go on your trip. Many unexpected problems can come up.
Not all insurance policies cover cancellation of accommodation and flights, so it is very important to please read the policy wording relevant to you very carefully, there can be tick and most of the time the people not able to get clearly the cancellation policy.

6. Age and Health

Your age and general health are also parameters for underwriting travel policies and determine your travel policy premium.
Pre-existing illnesses are only covered under life-threatening situation while going for travel policy. Illnesses related to alcoholism and drugs are not covered and if any one hide this and get the policy, may face zero claim at the end.

[Bonus]  Know how Long your Visit will Last

Determine however long your trip can take. We’ve detected that you simply will scream round the world in only 10 days, however we’re indulgent that’s not the type of trip you’re thinking of taking. the utmost period of a RTW air price ticket is one year – twelve months however in fact, you will take your trip in only a number of months or perhaps longer than a year.

Travel medical insurance plans are available in 3 basic duration:

Single trip – single trip travel contract provides coverage for one domestic or international trip. The policy can last till you come back home from your trip. All insurance firms have a cap on the amount of days that ar to be counted as one trip.
If you’re reaching to take only 1 vacation during a year, then one trip insurance set up is that the best match. If you’re reaching to travel oft-times, you ought to select multi-trip insurance. Associate degree annual travel contract can supply your coverage for a whole year from the date your policy starts.

Single Trip -Travel Insurance Policy

Loss of checked in baggage or personal belongings

Travel Insurance Policy

Trip cancellation stuff
Loss of passport and assistance in claiming a duplicate passport for you

Emergency hospitalization medical expenses and accidental injury
Also include case of theft or loss of baggage
Compensation for delay in connecting flights include-delay by beyond 12 hours
Delay in reception of the checked-in baggage – late by more than 12hours
Home theft cover during your absence
Emergency evacuation due to medical purposes
Accidental death cover while using a public transport
Medical cover for emergency repatriation and Provision for Compassionate visit
Emergency dental cover and Personal liability cover

Claim Procedure for Single Trip Insurance Policy

For filing the claim, you ought to inform your insurance underwriter via e-mail, fax or its helpline variety.
The client must submit a punctually stuffed claim type to the insurance underwriter.
Your insurance underwriter can inform you concerning all the supporting documents that needed from your finish to initiate the claim method. These documents supported the kind of accident and therefore the nature of the claim.
For fast settlement, it’s judicious that you just keep handy your insurance documents, personal documents, a duplicate of the policy, medical bills, boarding card, passport, original bills, doctor’s prescriptions, and 1st info report copy.

Multi-trip Insurance Policy

Coverage for multiple journeys that’s purchased in increments and multiple travels taken in a year is termed as multiple trip.
There has been an increase within the variety of vacations and visits people build over the course of a year. Not could be a trip on the subject of the annual family vacation any longer. Short getaways and breaks are gaining in quality, with everybody from students to pensioners jet setting off on a windstorm trip each once in a very whereas.
The amount of individuals traveling for business has additionally seen an increase, contribution to a big chunk of revenue for the travel trade.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’d wish your trip to travel off while not a hitch. Flight delays or cancellations, lost baggage or accidents might mar even the best-planned trip. To avoid having to cavort and give a tiny low fortune to rectify these problems, you’ll decide on travel insurance.
By linguistic communication up for it, the burden of value for such mishaps would fall on the no depository financial institution, thus you’ll be able to concentrate on simply the aim of your trip.

For frequent travelers, annual multi-trip travel insurance would be the perfect resolution. each trip taken within the year would be coated below the arrange

long-run medical

Continuous medical coverage for the long-run soul

Some of these plans is revived once they finish, therefore it’s vital to work out however long you’ll be gone therefore you’ll opt for. If you’ll be gone an extended time a minimum of a year, look at associate degree annual travel insurance arrange for the foremost comprehensive coverage in a cheap package.

Hope you get some clear view on the travel policy and must do points to be taken care before purchasing any travel insurance.
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