How to Earn on Your Trips: Expert Opinion

Many people dream of living a fulfilling life by going wherever they what, any time they want. The problem is usually about how to find ways to fund the dream. In this article we discuss about the amazing ways on how to earn on your trips by expert opinion.

There are many ways to make money on your travels. While some of these methods are easier said than done, some are “semi-working” methods which are going to give you peanuts –like saving you cents on taxis, credit card, etc. and this will not be enough to sponsor your travels.

There are also tested and trusted methods how to earn on trips that guarantee lots of travel enthusiasts their kind of lifestyle.  Let’s see all & request to read this article till end.

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Rent your home while you’re Away

This is a good and pretty obvious way of putting your home to work, even while away. Several services can help you do this effectively – depending on your location, you can use Airbnb, and Lovehomeswap.

Your home can be put to rent, and you’d get handsome rewards while away –whenever you travel. Remember the ‘Holiday movie — girls swap homes and it leads to incredible adventures.

earn from your room to putting on rent while you travel

Sell your talents on various marketplaces

There are numerous platforms where you can sell your skills (any skill you’ve got), from article writing skills to voice-overs, graphic designing, digital marketing, web design, etc.

While on these platforms, all you need as you travel is to remain in a place with an internet connection and a source of power. Such platforms include,, etc.

It goes without saying that you need to learn how to deliver any of these services if you do not already know-how in other to succeed. Read stories of successful freelancers and get inspired.

Start a YouTube channel

Another realistic way to earn on your trips is to start a YouTube channel where you’d share videos of your experience and travels.

You could even expand the channel to show things like the food in your host country, how to prepare the recipes, and many more.

YouTube is the second largest search engine  after Google search, pluc hosting videos on YouTube is completely free.

You may require a DSLR camera to start filming quality videos too. Check out videos of popular travelers such as Casey Neistat whose net worth is estimated to be $16 million dollars as of 2019.

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Start a travel blog

This is the killer strategy. Starting a blog is like owning big stakes in real estate companies, it holds so many possibilities. If you can do well in terms of SEO, or if you can market your blog properly, you’d earn from it for the rest of your life and travel as you like.

Starting a blog is simple, and maintaining one is not difficult. All you need to begin is a host, domain name and a web designer (if you do not have web design skills).

You can monetize your blog through several monetization methods (which we’d discuss briefly) and before you know it, airlines, hotels, etc. may just start contacting you to sponsor your tours –paying you to do so and offering you their services for free.

Monetize your platform through affiliate marketing

One ways of earning with your blog is through display advertising. The most popular display ad network is Google AdSense. The disadvantage is that you need high traffic to succeed, and this may take you years to build.

Some of your website visitors in need of the services being advertised may click through to the advertiser website and never return to your website again.

You may also be banned (which Google does a lot –claiming they’re protecting their advertising ecosystem). The cause of this ban may even be unknown to you, most times, they may not be caused by you.

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For instance, if certain visitors maliciously click on the ads, you’d take the hammer and lose all your money.

Another way of earning revenue on your website or app is through affiliate networks. It involves promoting certain services related to your blog topic and get paid when anyone act. For instance, you display a hotel booking advert, and one of your website visitors clicks through your link and books a hotel –you get paid.

The pay per conversion is also higher. You get as much as 80% of the booking fee. If you choose to earn through the display ad networks, you’d be sending them qualifying leads and you be getting paid almost nothing (as low as $0.1 per click).

There are many affiliate networks you can choose from. One of the leading (and highest paying) travel affiliate networks is which generates all the other travel platforms (such as or Kayak) on the platform.

The affiliate network allows you to display highly customizable widgets to your visitors from where they can search for, compare and book flights, and hotels deals.

When your visitor books a flight ticket and hotel accommodation through you, you’d earn the following (if the visitor spends this much):

Selling                                                              Your income

$850 – Return Tickets                                              $14

$1470 – Accommodation                                     $70

Expedia and Booking Holdings spent $5.3 and $4.1 billion respectively on marketing in 2017 alone, and they are both TravelPayouts partners. That shows there are limitless opportunities to how much you can earn with the affiliate network. And you can do so simply sharing your travel experience and smiling to the bank.

Sell the photographs you shoot

While traveling, you will take photographs of the new places you see, right from your home country to the host country. You can sell the photographs on photo-sharing sites like, Shutterstock, Getty Images, etc. Shutterstock, for instance, pays good commissions on sales.

You can get paid by Paypal, Skrill and Bank Check. It will pay you 25 cents every time one of your images is downloaded, with a tiered set of raises to 33 cents, 36 cents and 38 cents per download. The minimum payout for Electronic payment is $35.

There you go, 5 simple ways to earn on your trips, which of these methods are you going to start immediately? Share your thoughts with us through the comment section below.

Written by Tatiana Buyanova, head of business development at 

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