Top 20+ Most Breathtaking Backpacking Adventures on the Earth [2020]

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Don’t get us wrong in any way, World is full of beautiful places and for outdoor lovers there are millions of places to do adventures. In this article you will get to know the top best awesome places that are really breathtaking backpacking adventures.

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Patagonia (South America)

PATAGONIA in South America, shared by Argentina and Chile.

The most breathtaking backpacking adventure I’ve ever done was to Patagonia — both the Chilean and Argentinean sides. Patagonia is one of those places on a lot of peoples’ bucket lists, but that few people ever actually make it to.

You can’t just pop over to the place for a long weekend because it covers an entire region of a continent!

patagonia south america

While traveling through South America last year, I was able to spend 2 weeks in Patagonia hiking, kayaking, and even horseback riding on gaucho farms. There’s nowhere else in the world I’ve ever seen such raw beauty. For outdoor-lovers, this is the pinnacle of travel.

While there I spotted several bald eagles. You Must be having this item with you.

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You can experience everything from glaciers the size of cities, to jaw-dropping fjords, towering mountain peaks, teeming wildlife, and more on Breathtaking Backpacking Adventures at the places. I’ve traveled to over 30 countries, and there’s absolutely nothing that’s topped Patagonia so far. Info by Kristen Youngs from Onebagnomad

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Annapurna Circuit in Nepal (Great Live Experience)

Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

Let me start off by saying I love the Sierra Nevada Mountains! But when I hiked the ACT I couldn’t stop saying “Wow.” It was like visiting Yosemite for the first time. My trek started in Chame with a fresh coat of Himalayan snow on the ground (it was the end of march). In all directions were mountains that seemed to stretch forever.

Annapurna II was right in front of me and it was amazing with its look of a volcano in a bygone era.

From here I trekked to Upper Pisang. Upper Pisang has fewer people and better views. It is well worth the hike. The view looked like it was out of a Hollywood sifi movie set. I was in an unexplored world filled with Goliath Mountains and icy glaciers, fortunately the natives were friendly.

After a few more days and a few side treks to Milarepa Cave and Tillicho Lake I found myself on the cusp of a canyon overlooking the Manang valley. It was gorgeous. I couldn’t bring myself to move in part because I was figuratively out of breath and the other part literally out of breath.

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I think I stood there in a daze for 30 minutes to an hour trying to memorize every detail of the landscape. I was shook back into reality when I realized some very ominous looking clouds thundering my way.

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I made it to Thoroung Phedi as the storm was coming over the top of me. I stepped into a tea house to find a very ill fellow Suffering from altitude sickness. He and his girlfriend had called a rescue helicopter and were worrying about the storm.

“What a terrible predicament” I thought. Within an hour their salvation arrived spooking up some mountain blue sheep, which were fast to hunker down.

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The next morning I hiked over Thoroung La Pass in a beautiful overcast of snow and mountains. Even at that height the mountains still towered over me.

As I was descending the pass I had unlimited views of Mustang and the Dhaulagiri mountains. It was beautiful. Mustang is as culturally rich as the Annapurnas are breathtaking.

Hiking further I passed terraced lands with apple orchards and millet fields. It reminded me of the agriculture in California.

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I passed caves and old earth dwellings dug into the side of cliffs. I passed exquisitely carved and painted temples and walked along the Kali Gandaki River until I caught a bus to take me into Pokhara.

Experience share by CraigS  Upper-Himalayan Treks and Adventure

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Porcupine Mountains (upper peninsula of Michigan)

Porcupine Mountains

The Porcupine Mountains are located in the upper peninsula of Michigan. These mountains feature some truly breathtaking hikes.

This park features several trails that provide stunning views of the Lake Superior shoreline. There are many campsite along the trails and you can even find some that are right on the shoreline.

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A bit further inland, you can hike the rolling hills and get some exquisite bird’s eye views.

The hills are especially breathtaking in the morning when the mist rises. If you love birds and nature you’re in for a treat. The area is very popular with birdwatchers and nature lovers. While there I spotted several bald eagles. You Must be having this item with you.

Don’t forget to visit lake of clouds. It sits high up in a valley and if you climb to the top you can get beautiful views of the lake.

If you ever get out to the upper peninsula of Michigan, don’t miss the Porcupine Mountains. Info by Hernan Santiesteban  Great Lakes Web

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Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh

Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh

If it’s a backpacking adventure trip, then it has to be in Spiti. Infinite white deserts, clear blue skies and the sounds of the crashing winds, no doubt, Spiti is an ivory enchantress claiming its throne of the Himalayas.

Moreover, there is comfort in the discomforts here, otherwise, who would have thought that cutting off ties with technology and living with the locals in limited resources can be blissful?

There is an Infinity existing in this valley. It nurtures the second longest glacier of the Himalayas, Bara Shigri, and houses claimed to be the highest motorable village, Kibber.

Keeping all these things aside and even the biting cold that’s an adventure in itself to handle, Spiti oozes positivity and comforts you even when you try conquering its topography through a plethora of treks.

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You will have your hands full with adrenaline-driven activities here, be it while riding the two-humped camel or while enjoying mainstream mountain adventure.

Still, one thing will remain constant, you will always want to visit it again because there is something about Spiti that feels like home. You Must be having this item with you.

Something that makes it a paradise in experiences nor by just mere sight. Searching that something is the key to Spiti’s heart and that’s the actual adventure worth traveling here for.

Torres del Paine national park in Chilean Patagonia

Torres del Paine national park in Chilean Patagonia

Want to share one of the best backpacking adventures I’ve had in six years of traveling – Torres del Paine national park in Chilean Patagonia.

The O circuit is an 8 Day Loop that takes you past the southern Patagonian ace field, past dramatic rock formations, and through landscape that changes every day.

You can do both supported and unsupported hoax.
If you can spend even a week in any part of Patagonia, do it. Note: Are you having this stuff with you when planning for Patagonia. Check here.

When I went, I carried all of my own gear but this year I will be going and staying in the tens provided by the The O circuit is an 8 Day Loop that takes you past the southern Patagonian ice field, past dramatic rock formations, and through landscape that changes every day.

You can do both supported and unsupported hikes. Unbelievable Facts About Travel Insurance Policy While Planning To Travel Around World

When I went, I carried all of my own gear but this year I will be going and staying in the tents provided by the refugios. I feel this makes it a more accessible hike.

It’s also popular, so it’s imperative to apply for permits and book campsites ahead of time. Despite that, it is worth it even if you have to share it with a few others, particularly to see the sunrise at the Torres at the end of the hike. Info by Kristin Addis from BeMyTravelmuse

Torres del Paine (Breathtaking Backpacking Adventures on the Earth)

Torres del Paine

Have you traveled to Chile and hiked through Torres del Paine and to say it was breathtaking is an understatement. Nothing could have prepared us for the inspiring scenery of Torres del Paine.

We experienced nothing short of magic when we hiked the surreal and majestic mountains, got up close and personal with the big and bright glaciers, explored around the roaring waterfalls, relaxed by the serene and crystal-like lakes, and observed the incredible wildlife.

One day we encountered all four seasons as we hiked up a mountain, to its peak for Breathtaking Backpacking Adventures.

The next day, we explored the grasslands, spying on guanacos until sunset.

Another day we hiked around a huge waterfall.

There was not a single moment that we weren’t in absolute awe of the Earth’s beauty.

We look forward to one day taking our children so they too can experience the magic the Earth has to offer. Info by Lisa Alemi Move Mama Move

Island hopping in the Philippines

Island hopping in the Philippines

Island hopping in the Philippines is one of the most incredible backpacking adventures I’ve ever experienced.

The Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands, each with something different to offer the discerning backpacker. Surfing in Siargao, quadding up to a volcano in Legazpi and zip-lining back down, SCUBA diving in Coron; there’s something for everyone.

After learning how to free-dive I swam with giant whale sharks in Cebu, a once in a lifetime opportunity. I partied with locals at a late night jungle rave on the island of Siargao.

I took a trip through the underground river in Puerto Princesa on Palawan.

Some of my favorite backpacking memories are from the Philippines. If you are planning to spend holidays in New Zealand must read this guide- Things to visit in New Zealand

It’s incredibly cheap to travel around, the locals are very friendly and it’s still not a HUGE tourist destination making it the perfect Breathtaking Backpacking Adventures destination.

Even just shopping in the capital of Manila can be a huge adventure. Just make sure you’re fairly flexible with your internal travel plans as tropical storms can easily disrupt flights/ferries.

This happened to me, but I wasn’t too upset about being stuck on a tropical island for a couple of extra days. Info by Tara Povey, travel blogger, Where Is Tara?

Titicaca Lake (through Omasuyos Province in Bolivia)

Titicaca Lake through Omasuyos Province in Bolivia

All in all, the Titicaca Lake (through Omasuyos Province in Bolivia) with the peaks on the background, and the Indigenous Peoples preserving millenary traditions was the most breathtaking experience I had while backpacking.

I went backpacking to the Omasuyos Province (aka the water region) from La Paz, and found a lovely welcoming, surrounded by a breathtaking space.

On one side, you can admire the highest lake on earth. The Titicaca lake, at 3812 meters above the sea level has several towns by the shore and is home to unique species.

You can see the totoras (fishermen vessels) and spend time with the indigenous peoples who live in the area. I found those people quite welcoming, I was always invited to have a drink and taste one of the hundred potato varieties that grow in the area to get aroma of Breathtaking Backpacking Adventures at the places. Everyone seemed to be glad by having a visitor around, and ready to spare time with him.

On the other side, the mountain peaks such as Huayna Potosi and Anchocuma, among others, gave always an impressive sight of nature and contrast the calmness of the lake and the steeps.

Some of the peaks can be climbed. The weather is harsh, especially during the evening and nights, and that also gives an additional flavor to the trip. Info by AndreArriaza from

Queenstown in New Zealand

Queenstown in New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand is a must-visit destination for adventurous backpackers. It’s easy to see why this resort town attracts many return visitors every year – which picture-perfect scenery at every turn, it truly is a South Island gem.

New Zealand is renown for its lush landscapes, majestic mountains and crystal clear mirror lakes, all of which you will find in Queenstown. What sets this location apart from others, however, is that it is also the country’s adventure capital and consider to be Breathtaking Backpacking Adventures for anyone.

Think of your top bucket list activities – some of the most popular choices may include skydiving or bungee jumping, which you can triumphantly check off here.

Whether you head over in the winter to enjoy ski season, or bask in the sunshine at the beach for a summery Christmas, Queenstown has something to offer every type of backpacker all year round.

With many backpackers calling it home, be it short or long term, it’s the perfect place to meet other travellers – and who knows, you may even depart with lifelong friends made. Info by Khristy Choo


Have you visited any of the places and let us know your view and experience about these places for Breathtaking Backpacking Adventures. If any query do let us know via below comment section.

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