The best place to visit: Cracking the Why Travel Armenia?

As a rule, people come to the point of their life when they should choose a place to visit, to have a rest, enjoy a vacation, or something similar. If you are also in such a phase of your life and hesitate about choosing the best places to visit, I’ll surely recommend visiting Armenia.

Wonder why Armenia? Best places to visit in Armenia, then you are in the right place, I have the answer.

Armenia is an ancient country with a rich and unique history, culture, traditions, and beliefs. Yet, this is an excellent destination for people who seek to have new adventures and experience something new. The Armenians are one of the oldest nations in the world and certainly, have rich cultural heredity gained from ancestors.

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Armenia is the homeland of Khachkars- best places to visit in Armenia

However, for this time I will let you know several specific points on why you should travel to Armenia.

It’s somehow difficult to differentiate only several points about Armenia because it’s really an attractive country full of things to see, places to visit, monuments to explore, and many more. However, I’m here to provide you with some specific features of Armenia. Let’s go! 

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Why travel Armenia? – Because…

Armenia is the first Christian country

In A.D 301, Armenians became the first nation in the world that adopted Christianity as a state religion.

Adopting Christianity by the beautiful and lovable people of Armenia has turned up the a new chapter in Armenian Architecture history.

The Armenians started to create many churches throughout the country. As per great historians, Gregory Enlightener had destroyed all the pagan monuments & temples and built Christian churches on the bases of these temples. 

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As a result, the churches of that century are mainly single-nave halls. The only preserved pagan temple in Armenia is the Garni Temple. 

You will find multiple known and famous hidden churches in every part of the country and around that evidence of its historical power in front of world. The first Christian church is also situated in the first Christian country – Armenia. This building is the Saint Etchmiadzin Cathedral which was founded in the 4th century (A.D 301-A.D 303).

In 2001, the mother cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin was included in the Unesco world heritage list. This church is located in the spiritual capital of Armenia – in the city of Etchmiadzin where there are many other highly recognized churches including St Gayane, St Hripsime, St Shoghakat, etc.

You may also explore the ruins of the Zvartnots cathedral not far from the city.

aragats-mount of armenia best time & best place to visit Armenia

Armenia is the homeland of Khachkars

Have you ever heard of Khachkars? This is an Armenian Cross-stone which is considered to be an extraordinary phenomenon, an icon in Armenian Art. Khachkar is a memorial as a monument. In such a Khachkar, you may see cross images, and ornamental patterns.

It contains the main Christian conception of Jesus Christ’s redemption. The most important pattern in a Khachkar is the cross. It’s a symbol that speaks about Jesus Christ’s promise of heavenly spiritual paradise and salvation.

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Armenian Cuisine is Delicious

Yo need not to worry what is the best time to visit Armenia.

Armenians like to eat tastily. If you are also such a person who likes to try delicious food especially of foreign culture, you will like to visit Armenia. There are many restaurants where you’ll find traditional Armenian dishes and drinks.

The most famous Armenian dishes are Dolma, barbeque, harissa, khash (which is the king of the Armenian table in winter), etc.

Some famous Armenian drinks are Cognac (Armenian brandy), wine, vodka, beer, etc. Armenian cuisine includes some sweets, bakings, including dried fruits, Armenian Gata, Pakhlava, etc. 

Armenian nature is astonishing 

Surely, you will enjoy every breath of oxygen you take in the Armenian mountains. You enjoy your stay at the heart of the Armenian nature – untouched forests rich in the fresh oxygen, varieties of trees, plants, as well as animals.

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To make the long story short, the Armenian nature is unique with its flora and fauna. 

You may also take the pleasure of breathtaking views, pictorial landscapes, and untouched forests. You may stay with yourself – with your own mind, heart, and soul, in the Armenian nature. 

To Sum Up

Visiting Armenia or find best time or best place to visit Armenia, you will find something appropriate for your preferences. Come to Armenia and you will have a great time. I would also like to introduce some points briefly to make you more clearly understand the Armenian country and culture:

  • Armenia is full of romantic places – a perfect place for couples.
  • No matter active or passive rest – welcome to Armenia.
  • You may find free water in Armenia. Ridiculous? However, it’s a fact. There are many water sources and fountains in Armenia. Here you may take as much free water as you want.
  • This country is full of tourist attractions, entertainment places, cultural and historical monuments, and more.
  • Have you heard about “The Armenian Velvet Revolution” which aimed at the political changes in 2018? As a result, one of the leading journals – The Economist, declared Armenia “the country of the year”.
  •  Armenians are very-very hospitable people.

Welcome to Armenia!

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