11+ Secrets Tips on Traveling With Kids [Family Stress Free Travel]

When it comes to flying with kids, it’s all about preparation- shopping for small, inexpensive activities and toys a few weeks before our trip. Wrap the toys individually, because it makes it even more fun for them and keeps them entertained, especially on long flights. Don’t give them everything at once. Instead, I stagger them to last the whole flight- and don’t forget to keep some for the flight home!


A change of clothes for children is a must, in case of spills or accidents, but even more important is a change of clothes for me! My kids have spilled on me countless times, and I’ve had to walk through many airports in wet stained clothes, not fun!

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I rarely give my kids candy, but when it comes to travel, all bets are off. Pack their most favorite candy and treats, and only use in case of emergency, as a bribe, or to calm down any tantrums.

Make sure the hotel has an elevator, and if it doesn’t, request the first floor. It’s very difficult to go up and down stairs with strollers and baby gear.

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be stressful

As a parent we tend to be too in the moment and caught up in the routine and we don’t have as much fun as we should. Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be stressful, if you maintain a positive attitude, and don’t sweat the small stuff. This would be the best tips for traveling with kids.

Let’s discuss some of the amazing tips that make traveling with kids amazing.

Acknowledge the emotion

Identify with the emotion. Give a solid remedy for how you will help/assist with that emotion. Time frames help greatly.

Remember, children are humans, too, and entitled to have emotions. Children are human, and they are entitled to emotions just as adults are. They can feel tired, overwhelmed, overstimulated, bored, and grumpy, just as we all can.

Acknowledge those feelings, especially when you are on traveling with kids rather than just get annoyed with them. Sometimes, acknowledgment can go a long way!

Here are some real-world examples:

If your child is starving and getting impatient for food: You can say I understand you are starving, and able to stop for food in less than 20 minutes.

If you realize your child is whining because they are very tired: I know you are really tired, I am too, but we will be able to get to the hotel for some rest in 45 minutes.

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Show your child about the place

Before the trip, if the child is old enough, show them what’s available at that city and ask what they would like to do, when you are traveling with children. Maybe they would like to go to an animal park or zoo, and maybe they would not.

Maybe there’s an interesting water park or science museum. Getting their input while traveling with kids that solve lot issues with your kids and makes them more excited to go somewhere.

Pack some portable games (Tips for traveling with kids)

Pack some portable games like Boggle or Yahtzee that have no parts to get lost.

If kids are older, magnetic Checkers, Chess, Sorry, and similar magnetic games are possible. Card games – regular cards for solitaire or family card games or picture card games depending on the ages of the children.

Secrets Will Make Your Tips For Traveling With Kids Look Amazing

Coloring books or pads

Coloring books or pads of paper with colored pencils (and a sharpener) are better than packing crayons that might melt or markers that might get all over their hands.

Sticker books, Word Search books, Mazes, or other activity books including Sudoku are also great time passers. (WARNING: Crayons melt onto car seats and back window areas.)

Younger children may want some toys

Younger children may want some toys. Things like toys from McDonald’s are better than expensive toys. If they get lost or left behind you don’t want to care. [Best Travel Gear Here Shorted]

Preferably small stuffed animals if necessary, for sleeping – like beanie babies size. I don’t recommend their favorite blanket/toy. If anything happens to it, it’s gone.

Try that Each child could have a backpack with their things to do.

Pack some food/snacks the kids

Pack some food/snacks the kids like as well as bringing water bottles (empty before going thru airline security). Small ice packs if traveling by car in insulated lunch boxes could help. This tips for traveling with kids is one of the best that every kids like this.

Books to read for older children

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Books to read for older children helps pass the time. If they read digital, having their phone or kindle or tablet helps because you can order more – if you remember the password for the digital library or amazon kindle! To be safe, write it down and take it with in a small notepad.
Bring chargers, if needed!

Sunglasses, How it would be the tips for traveling with kids

Don’t forget sunglasses, hats and 50+ sunscreen for kids! Have at least 2 pairs of shoes/child too – you never know.

Child might tire easily- bring a stroller

If your child might tire easily, bring a stroller. It’s better to have than not. If it’s 2 small children, a portable folding wagon could help if traveling by car.

Parents need to be over-packed

Parents need to be over-packed and over-prepared. Children, especially young ones, often behave very differently on vacation.

They’re out of their home environment, the schedules are often different, etc. Sure, your child might normally be a great napper, but that may not be the case on vacation, so you better have lots of books, toys, movies etc. to fill that time.

The same goes for behavior, especially in transit.

Your child might normally be great in the car, but short car trips and long vacation driving are two different things. Your typically happy child might lose control on a flight when his/her ears “pop.”

Because you can’t predict these things, you should prepare for them. Make sure you pack lots of new and novel toys, entertaining activities, and snacks to pacify them. 

Finally, consider your children’s ages and rest needs when scheduling your itinerary.

You may be tempted to cram everything in in hopes of making the most of your time, but if your children are too young, this can really backfire.

Overtired kids struggle to control their emotions and behavior, and that can put a damper on your outings for everyone. Instead, plan a reasonable itinerary that provides for enough down-time if your children need it. Taking things, a little slower can pay huge dividends by avoiding prolonged meltdowns and additional stress for everyone. Sure this Tips on Traveling With Kids will help in your trip plan.

Happy Family Travel!

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