21 Best Places To Visit In ARIZONA: Secrets You Never Knew

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You are planning to spent few days in Arizona..wow. That nice.

Here we have lots of things and best places to visit in Arizona in the lap of nature.

Never Miss Beauty of the banks of the Colorado River

On the banks of the Colorado River, Yuma is tucked in Arizona’s southwest corner and shares border with Mexico and California.

Famous as a desert destination, Yuma’s visitors are often surprised at the abundance of local agriculture.

Yuma has the title sunniest place on earth by Guinness Book of World Records.

One of the greatest draws to Yuma, is the Colorado River.

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Beat the heat by flying across the wake of a speed boat, paddling a kayak or canoe, or leisurely floating downstream during a tube, drink in hand.

On land, enjoy a peaceful bike ride or stroll on the riverfront and near Main Street, the end of the river path, wherever you’ll realize locally-sourced feeding, unique shops, and local art scenes.

Highway 89A between Sedona and Flagstaff  (switchbacks)

One of the most attractive places in Arizona is the stretch of Highway 89A between Sedona and Flagstaff.

Known as the “switchbacks,”

The road winds its way through Oak Creek Canyon while hugging the creek at lower elevations.

It’s a slow, beautiful trip with plenty of places to stop and explore, including picnic areas, a trout farm, and Indian Gardens Cafe & Market, a historic business built in the 1940s.

They serve healthy meals, local brews and even run their own coffee roastery with Garland Coffee Company.

In the fall, this stretch of highway is blanketed in falling leaves and crisp, bold autumn colors that are hard to find in most parts of Arizona.

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Check out the viewpoint at Oak Creek Vista for sweeping, panoramic views of the canyon and its unique rock formations.

Lake Mead & Lake Powell haven for couples in Arizona

Some stunning spots in Arizona to visit (especially if you’re visiting in the heat of the summer) are Lake Mead and Lake Powell.

places to visit in Arizona

These massive reservoirs serve as beautiful lakes for water recreation, great for cooling down in the stifling temperatures.

Rental offerings on these lakes, including fishing charters and standup paddleboard rentals. It’s no wonder why these spots are beloved by many Arizona locals,

it gives you a chance to relax in the beauty of the desert while keeping cool in the water.

The large size of these lakes means you won’t feel overcrowded either. Info by Val Streif

Arts District off light rail

It was really walkable. The food was good and most of all, it was EASY.
We really didn’t need a car, which isn’t the reputation of Phoenix at all.

But, things have changed evidently. We enjoyed the Natural History Museum in Mesa. ASU’s Tempe campus.

An archaeological site right next to the airport and more.

Sonoran Desert of Carefree Arizona Nature-lover’s paradise

desert of arizona best place

Few resorts in the world can match the extraordinary natural setting of the Boulders Resort located within the high Sonoran Desert of Carefree Arizona, the lushest desert on the planet and framed by spectacular mountains.

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This is a nature-lover’s paradise where the terrain and plant life have been left virtually untouched to allow wildlife and indigenous plants–such as prickly pear, cholla and octotillo cactus with wildflowers that bloom in vivid shades of magenta, gold and lavender-to prosper.

The landscape, one of the richest natural spaces in the U.S., is surrounded by ancient granite boulder formations that are estimated to be 12-million-years old and absolutely surreal when a spectacular desert sunset casts a warm golden glow over them.

The sights, tastes and smells of the Southwest permeate the five onsite restaurants that offer distinctive cuisine that respects the integrity of the region by incorporating local Arizona ingredients and by using freshly foraged products from the resort’s certified Organic Garden.

The resort’s dramatic and innovative architecture blends so seamlessly with the surrounding desert landscape that it is almost hidden within its natural setting-almost like a mirage emerging from the desert as an offspring of the gigantic granite boulders.

Seligman in Arizona amazing Beauty

Seligman in Arizona has an amazing beauty, that might not be as grand as the national parks in the state but still captured my heart.

Its beauty is of small-town America and is one of the places that worked hard to get Route 66 back on the map of modern day travellers.

Quirky and retro shops to look around, complete with characters to chat to.

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Angel Delgadillo is one such man who has seen the demise and recent revival of the road and his business.

He still, while in his 90s, works as a barber and chats to tourists who visit – a true gent.

You can also see old, classic cars around the town too which are great for photo opportunities and get yourself a milkshake at the Snow Cap drive-in to cool yourself down in the Arizona heat.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West – Absolutely gorgeous. Take the tour and be ready to be inspired. Pic attached of a sculpture on the grounds.

Private horseback ride through the desert at Rancho De Los Caballeros in Wickenburg, AZ. Pic attached.

As a city girl, getting into the desert for hours and experiencing the panoramic views was absolutely breathtaking and revitalizing.

Hilton Sedona at Bell Rock, Sedona Great location, we had so much fun having s’mores at the fire pit after a long day of hiking and sightseeing.

And, attached is a pic of the stars we took from our balcony. What an amazing night sky! Grand Canyon – this is a no brainer, but I have to say going in December was DIVINE. Pic attached of family at sunset.

As for food, we loved everything we ate but a pizza place we discovered in Scottsdale was so great, we drove to Flagstaff on our way to the Grand Canyon just to eat there again! Pics attached white pizza.

Green scenery to the desert Botanical Gardens

I went from lush, green scenery to the desert. It was hard to see the beauty of the desert until I went to the Desert Botanical Gardens.


The diversity of cacti, flowers, trees, and succulents was amazing. I took so many photos.

Thats great.

The people working in the garden were knowledgeable about how desert plants are used in cooking and how they were used for building homes and fences.

The Desert Botanical Gardens is one of my top recommendations to anyone going to Arizona. It’s best to visit in the during the fall, winter, and spring. By Alice Stevens from Alice Stevens

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Cochise County, Arizona Land of Legends

Cochise County, Arizona is the Land of Legends! Discover a legendary climate, filled with comfortable temperatures and sunny days.

Explore legendary landscapes, where cowboys and Conquistadors walked before you. Savor legendary tastes: a smorgasbord of treats, from food trucks to fine dining, microbrews to award-winning wines.

Arizona’s lower right corner, Cochise County invites you to disconnect and recharge.

The expanse of mountain and sky, from sunrise to sunset, will make flipping your phone from selfie to scenic simple.

Whether you hike, bike, climb, or walk, there are plenty of ways get your 10,000 steps. If planning to visit Arizona must come its having best places.

Enjoy birding hot spots that offer sightings of more than 400 species of birds.

While the foodie in you rejoices at surprising international cuisine, culinary riches of Mexican heritage and cowboy fare. At the end of the day, soak in our star-studded skies. By explorecochise

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