10+ Insane way about the Best Places to visit in Iceland

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Are you the adventurous lover and have you thought to visit Iceland? If not, then don’t do this mistakes. The Iceland should be present in the bucket of each travel lovers. Here discussed best and insane ways about the best place to visit in Iceland.

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Iceland is full of some of the world’s greatest landscapes. It has greenery, glaciers, black sand beaches, volcanoes, glacier lakes, and much more – you name it and Iceland has it.

If you are looking for a vacation focused on natural beauty, there are not many other countries that offer what Iceland offers.

What also makes Iceland such a great spot, is that it is so easy to get around on your own? Renting a car and circling the country can be done in 10 or so days as you get to experience a little bit of everything.

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Blue Lagoon is reason to Visit Iceland

Blue Lagoon is reason enough to visit the beautiful country that is Iceland.

Those who aren’t native to Iceland may not be familiar with the fact that 100% of the island’s power comes from geothermal energy, that’s energy harnessed from the heat of the Earth’s crust.

The same heat that powers Iceland keeps Blue Lagoon warm even in the coldest of Iceland’s winters.

amazing place to visit in Iceland

You’ll need to book your visit to Blue Lagoon a day in advance, but trust me when I say that the soothing hot spring is worth it.

Along with featuring a series of open-air hot springs, the site features a spa if you’d like to be pampered even more.

While there isn’t a mud bath, the mud in the hot springs is actually said to have therapeutic properties so feel free to cover up with some.

Northern Lights of Iceland

The biggest thing would be to see the Northern Lights. But why Iceland, when I could see this from other places?

Simple answer is, Iceland is very picturesque. It’s a beautiful country.

Blue Lagoon is reason to Visit Iceland

While expensive to travel in, it’s also very backpacker friendly and that would help cut down costs a lot, and in fact there are plenty of guides online on how to do this, or on how to couch surf while in the country.

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Driving with Family

Driving is pretty easy, and there are breathtaking cliffs and waterfalls just a minute or two from the main highway. We call it the best starter destination for families.

Aurora Borealis

If you want to see Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) then the best and only time to see it, is in winter and probably in Iceland offside big cities makes it the best place to visit Iceland.

Depending on the weather, it can be more or less powerful, however, it will be an extraordinary experience. When going by car, you most likely will be flexible to stop at the best spots.

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Who is this Trip for? 

Traveling Iceland in winter by car will require solid and stable driving skills, since roads and weather can become inconvenient.

Northern Lights of Iceland

However, the main road (Ring road) can be considered to be well maintained and is generally in a good shape. Still, roads can be closed temporarily at short notice or are impassable at all.

Carefully and appropriately driving will help you handle difficult situations.

Always trust announcements and local people, check regularly online about your next destinations, because weather can change suddenly.

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Best time to visit Iceland

Generally the travel seasons in Iceland can be divided in the summer and the winter season. In summer the days are long and vice versa in winter with approximately four hours of daylight.

On the other hand the summer season is considered as the peak season with lots of tourists and more expensive accommodations, food, etc.

Besides beautiful landscapes, nature and waterfalls the main reason for going to Iceland in winter are the Northern lights help each tourist and make it best place to visit Iceland.

It will be worth staying awake half night to spot it.

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  1. This is a great article! Iceland has been on my bucket list for a while now and you just motivated me to get on it and book my ticket. MY girlfriend went here a couple years ago and saw the Northern Lights in full effect. I want to see that too. Thanks for the tips man!

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