Best Gifts for Boyfriend who Loves Technology on Christmas 2019

skiny sleevs for Laptop and Tablet

Best Gifts for Boyfriend who Loves Technology on Christmas 2019

Hey.. In this article you will find many unique gift items for your boyfriends. You can present these gifts on his birthday or even he is living away.

On this Christmas 2019 make your boyfriend happy with sweet and attractive gifts that he rally need and show your love for him a bit.

Lets discuss different ideas for best gifts for boyfriend on this Christmas. Here is some creative gifts for boyfriend.

Skinny Sleeves for Laptop and Tablets

skiny sleevs for Laptop and Tablet

Skinny Sleeves provide stylish protection for your laptop or tablet.

The unique StretchShell Neoprene fabric has a super-smooth finish that is water and stain resistant.

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Fully padded lining and zipperless design makes sliding your device in and out easy – with no scratching. The elastic band keeps your device secure inside the sleeve.

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Online Chef from any Part of World with 1:1 Cooking Class

best Gift items for your friends who loves Technology

Isn’t this seems a very different but its true. This would be best surprise gifts for your friend.

The Chef & The Dish let’s you video conference a top chef from around the world (Italy, Thailand, Japan, Spain, Singapore, Turkey, etc…) into your home for a private 1:1 cooking class.

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Whip up a three- course meal, while a chef from the other side of the world cooks alongside you… watching you and giving tips to make you feel like you’ve transported your kitchen for the day.

The Chef & The Dish Kitchen to Kitchen Culinary Experience:

  • Hang up the keys, open a bottle of wine and Skype a chef from around the world into your kitchen!
  • Skype top chefs based in Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, New Orleans, Turkey, Hungary and more… into your kitchen for a private 1:1 cooking class
  • Learn traditional recipes passed down for generations from chefs who live where the dishes originated
  • Master the world’s most iconic dishes (Paella, Homemade Pasta, Jambalaya, Tiramisu, Okonomiyaki…) – all in a private class where you and the chef cook together
  • Get personalized coaching from chefs who’ve worked in Michelin Star restaurants, been featured in USA Today, CBS, Readers Digest, Food Network, Food & Wine, and more
  • Great for date-night, girls-get-togethers, people who love to entertain, travellers, food-lovers, culture-seekers, families, or people who love a connected home. Contributor: The Chef & The Dish Burlington

“smart” Grinder  and Cone Maker

Banana bros- gift for boyfriend

This gift is fun combo: a gift for your fave techie enthusiasts and weed lover.

Check out the  new OTTO by Banana Bros. , a first of its kind, AI-powered, smart grinder + cone maker, perfect for those who use the plant for its medicinal properties or as a social ritual.

By activating the device’s single-use button, OTTO by Banana Bros. is designed with *proprietary, artificial intelligence *to detect the condition of the herb, gently mill buds to uniform perfection and then neatly fill Banana Bros. premium raw fiber cones in just seconds.

Now, you don’t have to hand break your weed and roll your own joint: the sleek and stylish OTTO by Banana Bros does it for you.

This cool, high tech device combines technology and style to bring a fresh, modern look to cannabis accessory products, elevating the experience through ease of use and portability. Info by- Kendra

Printing Photos on Canvas

DNA11 is art created from your DNA.

The send you a DNA swab kit or can even take your 23 and Me data with your permission to create a unique piece of art printed on American made canvas.

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Super cool and completely one of a kind. People whoa re into tech will love this. Details here ChaseBowler

The Airhook best gift for travel lover

The Airhook is a two-in-one solution for airplane travel comfort: a stable drink holder and a secure mount for an electronics device (cell phones to tablets 8.5 inches tall when horizontal) that attaches to the tray table in its locked position.

Designed to elevate the level of convenience by allowing for maximum legroom, The Airhook uses the tray table in its vertical and locked position as an anchor, rather than horizontally across your lap as a platform.

Passengers no longer need to sacrifice space with the folding down trays!

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Gifting this year with Starsona! A celebrity video, customized content

What best Gift items for your friends who loves Technology: Would love to have you consider something a little different for holiday gifting this year with Starsona!

A celebrity video, customized content curating app/site, it features various NBA & NFL players, YouTube influencers such as Brianna Buchanan & Granny PottyMouth, T-Boz (of TLC), newscaster Ashleigh Banfield, and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Eva Marcille amongst so many others.

Prices vary from $10 to $3500. With Starsona, you can send personalize video shout-outs and Q&As from Stars to help celebrate the moments of everyday life.

Please see the official press release here: NeddaSoltani

Monstrous zoom lens to shoot in the darkness for camera geeks

Zoom or large aperture

For the longest time, you can either choose between a zoom lens for versatility or a prime (fixed focal length) lens for its large aperture. Professional grade zoom lenses tend to reach maximum aperture of f/2.8, at the expense of size and much higher cost.

A larger aperture allows you to capture more light, in addition to depth of field control.

Ever drool while looking at those creamy out of focus background portraits? This is the result of shooting with large aperture lenses.

Now you can have both!

Canon sent shockwaves for announcing its monstrous RF 28-70mm f/2L USM lens.

It is a fancy name that translates to zoom + really large aperture, something that was impossible before. Going from f/2.8 to f2.0 results in twice the amount of light, making it possible to shoot in much darker environments while maintaining the flexibility of a zoom.

At $2999.00 USD, your wallet will feel the pain but your friend will love you forever! Info by JimmyChan

Gifts For boyfriend XONECOLE

Martial arts expert, Peter Tay, has been raising the bar for one-on-one Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction in NYC over the past two decades. He has developed the most efficient and safest way to teach individuals the fundamentals of No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Peter will guide you step by step through the basic movements of his specialty, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, in an unintimidating and friendly setting. Sessions are custom tailored to students’ levels of knowledge.

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced be prepared to be challenged and progress quickly.

For a more information , please refer to our website at

Compatible GoPro Drone with Camera for Adults

Dron Best Gifts for Boyfriend who Loves Technology on Christmas 2019

This is one of the best gift for the boyfriend who love technology in this Christmas.

For more [Details Check Here].

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