9 Best Countries with Highest Quality Coffee [Must Visit Places]

Are you a coffee lover while on travel and love to have coffee while traveling? In this article you find best destinations for coffee lovers and bucket list trips for coffee lovers. Detailed research has been done on best coffee in the world by country and cities wise.

Want to know about the top 9+ best countries with highest quality coffee that must be visited by coffee travelers in the world.

Let’s discuss about the best destinations for the coffee lovers in the world.

History of Coffee & Travel

List of best coffee Destinations in the world by TravellerSpy

Coffee as we know it today began in Venice when merchants who had strong connections to North Africa and the Arab world began importing it and charging high prices to wealthy Venetians.

Venice is home to the first coffee house in Europe and today you can visit the oldest coffee house in the world, Caffè Florian, in Saint Mark’s Square. Although it is largely a tourist hot spot, you can still admire the centuries old design and decoration while enjoying a traditionally served espresso.

Many visitors don’t know that you can avoid the big price tag, by enjoying your coffee at the bar. It’s not as glamorous as a seat outside or at a table but you can enjoy the same great location for a fraction of the price. By Michael Waite

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Antigua, Guatemala a Coffee Haven

Antigua is a relaxed and picturesque town that is known for selling what is widely regarded as the best coffee in Latin America. The chaotic markets are full of vendors offering a wide range of coffee from across the country, but the coffee is best enjoyed in Antigua sat at one of the small local cafes and is the best coffee in the world by country and cities wise presented.

If you’re a coffee lover and like to enjoy your coffee in beautiful locations, then this is the place for you!  By Sam Williamson from WeSwap Travel Money

All About Moshi in Africa (Arabica coffee)

Moshi is a town that sits at the foot of Kilimanjaro. The mountain is a dormant volcano, so the slopes have a rich soil for growing Arabica coffee, often grown in a cycle along with bananas, another staple and cash crop in the region.

Africa’s oldest co-op, the Kilimanjaro Native Co-operative Union (KNCU), represents over 100,000 small farmers from across 100 small villages, and is a registered Fair-Trade supplier. They support farmers with organic coffee development, training and growing techniques.

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Visitors to Moshi can sample the local beans at the Union Café. Here they roast beans on site, and serve great burgers & pizzas. You can also arrange tours to visit coffee plantations from the Union Café, which is run by the KNCU, believe this is the best coffee in the world by country and cities wise.

Many people also tag on a trip to visit the Materuni Waterfalls and Chagas Caves, where they can learn about the history of Chagga tribe, native to the slopes of Kilimanjaro.

Stay Guide in Moshi and Hotel

Best place to stay in Moshi would be the Kilimanjaro Wonders Hotel, as it has a great rooftop terrace, where you can watch the sunset, sip a local coffee, and admire the snowy peak of Kilimanjaro. By Jan Smolaga

Lake Toba, Heart of Indonesian Coffee

Most coffee lovers have a special place in their hearts for Indonesian coffee. Especially, the earthy flavors of Sumatra coffee have fans everywhere in the world. But Sumatra and especially Lake Toba is also a unique coffee origin to visit for a magical holiday.

The coffee history here goes all the way back to 1864, and it’s considered to be the first region on Sumatra. Lake Toba is the world’s largest volcanic lake, and in the middle of the lake there’s an island named Samosir about the same size as Singapore.

It was created 75.000 thousand years ago, when a super-volcano erupted. Because of the volcanic soil there’s an abundance of fruit and coffee trees on the island itself, and on the mountain, slopes surrounding the lake. It’s easy to explore the area and experience coffee production up close by renting a motorbike or hiring a local driver.

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Lake Toba is also very clean and brilliant for swimming. Until the 1990s it was a popular backpacker destination but today only few tourists make it here, which makes the atmosphere even more serene and relaxing. By Asser Christensen

Do you Know about Italian Coffee Lovers?

Rome, Italy makes for a perfect destination for all coffee lovers! Italians take their cup of morning Joe very seriously, and whilst spending time in Rome you will come across one of the largest ranges of coffee bean types and origins.

Europe’s first coffee craze

300 years ago, the Habsburg Empire was in the grip of Europe’s first coffee craze. Coffee houses were springing up in Vienna, Graz, Ljubljana and Trieste and in 1719 Trieste was announced as a free port to meet demand. A new self-guided rail journey in Central Europe, allows guests follow the coffee trading route through the Habsburg heartlands, stopping in each of these Imperial cities.

Notes for self-guided city walking tours are included and, in addition to coffee and slices of sachertorte, guests will relish the magnificent architecture and art, from Vienna’s Hofburg Palace to the wonderfully preserved Old Town in Graz.

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In Vienna, the archetypal Viennese coffeehouse has spawned a multitude of copies throughout Austria and far beyond and is the benchmark for drinking coffee and reading the daily newspaper in an elegant and relaxing environment. Some coffeehouses also rank as Konzertcafés where live piano music just adds to the all-round experience. Whilst everyone has their favorite. By Natalie Postlethwaite

Nicaragua one of the favorite coffee destination

Nicaragua- there is so much prided in coffee here, you can see it make the journey from the ground to the cup. It is rarely selected as a vacation spot, but it offers many of the same perks of other islands, and the coffee cannot be beat. Same for Ethiopia, but Nicaragua is more accessible than Ethiopia.

Uvita, Costa Rica as one of the best destinations for coffee lovers

Costa Rica was the First Central American nation to have a ‘coffee industry’ due to its location and ideal growing conditions, so there’s tons of content here to explore!

For one of your sources, we can offer our client, Vista Celestial, a luxury boutique hotel serving coffee from a local farm that is owned and operated by the hotel’s Property Manager, Esteban and his family.

The farm sits at the top of the same mountain where the hotel resides (at the halfway point of the mountain) and they only produce beans for their family, friends and the hotel. In other words, you can’t get this coffee unless you visit Vista Celestial.

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The property offers an exhilarating hike to the top of mountain for a coffee picking, roasting and brewing lesson with Esteban and his family. His mother also prepares a traditional Costa Rican lunch. Quite the experience to say you picked, roasted and brewed your own coffee! By Juliana Gutierrez

Best destinations for GREAT coffee in US (Traveler who is Here in US)

#1 Coma Coffee – St. Louis, Missouri
Incredible coffee from my hometown. Try their latte with oat milk or go with the traditional coffee. They bring it to you in a warm cup, which is awesome.

#2 Bluebottle Coffee – Los Angeles, California
Love this place because they manually drip each cup of coffee to perfection. That’s a part of the reason why their coffee is always on point.

#3 Oddly Correct – Kansas City, Missouri
Cool, laid back atmosphere with solid barista’s making great coffee. Worth a visit!

#4 Heart Coffee – Portland, Oregon
Heart Coffee has an Instagram-worthy decor, but their coffee is even better. I’ve noticed that local coffee shops that use their own in-house coffee are usually better.

#5 Little Owl Coffee – Denver, Colorado
A small coffee shop with delicious coffee and beautiful coffee art. Worth a visit!

#6 Ristretto Roasters – Portland, Oregon


Another amazing coffee shop in Portland. It’s in a really cool location, the baristas are friendly (unlike Starbucks), the vibe is great, and the coffee is consistently good.

Coffee Lovers – Colombia

This coffee-tour from Surtrek begins in earnest as you travel deep into the nation’s famous coffee-triangle.

While spending time in the town of Armenia and its surrounding countryside, you’ll visit some of the countryside’s quaint and character-filled fincas.

These coffee plantations include ones like San Alberto, Recuca and Café Inspiración.

During these visits in Colombia’s coffee region, you’ll witness the painstakingly careful processes of the “caffeinated-cycle.” From bean to cup, you’ll see the varieties, learn the history and experience this authentic coffee culture.

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Witnessing the various processes of washed, honey
and natural coffee, and even drying processes, you’ll be treated to a thorough experience.

We will visit roasters and renowned cafes where internationally acclaimed baristas will share their experiences and, of course, cup.

This is the best part! Then too, you’ll come to understand the importance of brewing and extracting methods, and attributes of each of them – drips such as Chemex, Aeropress, and of course, espressos, etc.

Be aware though, that after this trip, your palate will most probably have been influenced, and therefore you’ll be much more demanding when drinking any cup of coffee. By Adam York

Coffee Lab in the Galapagos Islands

The coolest – and perhaps well off-the-beaten-path – destination for coffee is a little coffee bar called 1835 Coffee Lab in the Galapagos Islands. This coffee bar is located on the island of Santa Cruz, within Puerto Ayora.

They offer 6 different coffees, all from Ecuador, including a specialty coffee only found in the Galapagos. The menu is a small book that spends a full page discussing the geography and origins of each coffee.

It’s tucked away in a tiny storefront that’s easy to miss, but also includes a small outside bar seating area where you can watch the expert baristas brew your coffee in one of 5 methods of your choice. Walking distance to the Galapagos National Park Visitor Center, you can fuel up with one of their delicious quiche or sandwich offerings along with your coffee.

These people don’t mess around, they are serious about their coffee, and it’s a treat to be surrounded by Darwin finches and iguanas while you sip your brew. By Angela Faith Martin

Salt Lake City is home to several specialty coffee Roasters

Believe it or not, Salt Lake City is home to several specialty coffee roasters. Despite the city being known for non-coffee drinking Mormons, it has emerged as a progressive foodie capital, and coffee is no exception.

I suppose this makes sense given the growing number of hipsters and tech savvy workers that inhabit the city in a region known as Silicon Slopes.

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Campos Coffee is one such example. The Australian specialty coffee brand chose Salt Lake City and Park City to be their U.S. locations (they will eventually expand outside Utah). They roast on site in SLC which is also the location of their full-service restaurant. By Hilary Reiter

Finest Brews of coffee San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, PR, has some of the finest brews of coffee for any java lover and you can find, and the coffee is notorious for being extremely strong.

In Old San Juan, you can find local stores to frequent for everything from antiques to leather to finely imported coffee in a myriad of different flavors and offerings.

While there I spotted several bald eagles. You Must be having this item with you.

If you’d like, you can even have it shipped back to you (as Puerto Rico is part of the U.S., making shipping and receiving goods much easier).

You’ll also want to refuel by stopping by a local shop for a cafe au lait or expresso before a day at the beach or sightseeing activities.

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